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What You Do
What I Do
You are living in your new home and enjoying life in San Felipe. You discover a problem (or it discovers you). You call me.
If your problem is an emergency I contact the appropriate person (plumber, electrician, etc.) and arrange for them to come to your house. I, or the contractor, will generally meet him there to review the problem ourselves and to determine if it is a warranty issue.
You are happy that the problem is fixed but you wonder what it is going to cost you.
I generally do not charge for any work if there is a defect in the material we supplied for you house or a defect in our workmanship. Appliance warranties must be addressed by you but we will assist you if you are having difficulties.
More time goes on and you have another problem. You call me.
I do the same things I did for the first problem. While I cannot say that I will do this forever I do not put a specific time limit on my warranty although generally I will cover things for two years. I will not bear all of the costs of repairs forever but I will ensure that any costs you incur are minimal and I will not make a profit from your problems. We both recognize that as time goes on normal wear and tear takes it toll and the cost of repair for these types of problems must be born by you.
As more time goes on you call me less frequently regarding problems and more frequently about getting together and fun times. You come to my Fiestas. We have dinner together.
I call you and invite you to a Fiesta or to go to dinner or some other event. We do it!

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