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The goal that I have set for Sweitzer Construction Management is to have the perfect solution to - "How may I be of service to you today?" I can provide this offering a wide variety of construction management services that can be tailored to meet virtually every client need.

I want each and every client to be satisfied with the results of my services whether you are building a new home, interested in remodeling your current home, adding an addition, renovating an existing building, building a commercial project or perhaps you are interested in construction management services for your building project.

My goal is to manage the construction of a limited number of homes or commercial buildings each year and build a solid base of happy and satisfied customers.

My services are many and varied but they are all designed to help you build the home you want, within the cost you want and in the time frame you want. I am your eyes, ears, and voice during the construction of your home in San Felipe. I am relatively fluent in Spanish (and continue to take courses to increase my fluency). I understand what my American and Canadian clients want and am able to convey that to the contractors. I use many forms of modern-day communication technologies (Internet, e-mail, Fax, and phone) to ensure that your wishes are conveyed to the contractor in a timely manner and implemented in the way you desire.

My services can be divided into five phases which are briefly described below. Click on each title for more details.

This is where we have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to one another and get to know a little about each other in terms of a comfort level in working together. You get to view some of the work that I and my contractor have done. You develop an understanding of what I do, I develop an understanding of what you want to do. It is at this point in time, that I provide you with references so that you may perform your due diligence.

In this phase the detail plans for your project are developed. We fully define what you want to build, where you want to build it, when you want to build it and what your cost and schedule goals are.


After the planning is completed a contractor is selected and a bid is prepared. When we have agreed on a cost and schedule then a contract is prepared and signed by all parties.

During construction I am your eyes, ears and voice ensuring that the project is done the way you want it, within the quoted cost and on schedule.

I don't quit and leave town when the building is done and the final payment is made. I want to replace our client/contractor relationship with a solid friendship built on mutual respect.