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What You Do
What I Do
You hear about me and my services. You are interested in finding out more information. You send me an e-mail, fax, call or etc.
I provide you with all the information you request and, if desired, arrange for a time we can get together and discuss your project.
You get together with me at the agreed upon time and place. You bring whatever information you want regarding your project.
I explain my services in detail and take you on a tour of the area showing you houses that have been built by my preferred contractor using my services.
You explain your project to me - what you want to build, where you want to build it, where you are in the design, when you want to start construction, price objectives, construction materials, etc.
I review your information and give you my initial thoughts and suggestions regarding concerns you might encounter relative to the location you are building in, the materials you want to use, the feasibility of construction schedule and costs. I provide you with a list of clients whom you may contact for references.
You perform due diligence and contact as many or as few of the references as you desire. You decide that you would like to further explore the use of my services and advise me of this decision.
I advise you as to what steps are necessary to progress to the next phase.

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