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What You Do
What I Do
You make the initial payment.
I become your eyes, ears and voice throughout the construction phase.
  • I ensure that all necessary permits and approvals required for the construction are in place.
  • I meet with the contractor to review the plans, drawings, and schedules and ensure that he understands your expectations and specific requirements.
  • I disburse sufficient funds for the contractor to clear the land, procure materials and begin construction.
You monitor construction progress and provide comments, questions and concerns to me.
During the construction process I:
  • Meet with the contractor to review the status and resolve any issues that have arisen. Provide your inputs to these issues.
  • Communicate with you to resolve issues and concerns and convey the resolution of these issues to the contractor.
  • Perform weekly on-site inspections to ensure that construction is proceeding according the plans.
  • Periodically, or as requested or needed, provide pictures of the on-going construction to you.
  • I receive, track, and disburse money to the contractor in accordance with contractual construction completion milestones.
  • I ensure that Mexican Social Security taxes are paid for all workers.
You perform inspections, as called for in the contract and upon satisfactory completion of the inspection and resolution of all issues you provide progress payments via wire transfer.
I support you during the inspections and review the items identified with the contractor.

I identify what items are would be considered a change order and verify with you that is what you want. I verify with the contractor the additional cost, if any, and advise you accordingly. All change orders are paid for at the time of the change.
You determine what items you wish to be different than "standard" or items that you will supply for the house. You pay all cost increases associated with these items, including any transportation costs or import duties.
I provide advice and guidance to you regarding these items. I advise you as to the change in contract price (either up or down) resulting from your decisions.

If you choose things within the Mexicali area, I will make arrangements to buy and bring them to San Felipe.

Normally, I include the standard household appliances such as refrigerator, dish washer, washer or dryer, stove, and garage disposal. These items are generally a personal specific choice, set within an allowance.

If your appliances or items are purchased across the border, I have an importation source that can bring them for a fee.

When we have agreed to all of these items I will make appropriate adjustments to the contract price and schedule.

When all deficiencies are corrected you provide the final payment. The house is now yours and you move in when desired.
I accept the final payment, provide you with documentation of the Social Security 'Letter of Liberation'. I explain the Warranty phase, thank you for using my services, and ask if you would provide a testimonial for my web site and if you would be willing to be used as a reference for future clients. Most of all I hope that we can combine the next phase with a LIFETIME FRIENDSHIP PHASE.

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