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There are a variety of building materials available for construction of your home.  The most common choices are Ladrillo, Cement Block, Foam (Tri-D Panel, Rastra or Ice Block) or Strawbale.

What material you choose depends on two things: cost and installation factors, with the most important thing being – how do you plan to live in your home? If you plan to live there through all, or most, of the summer months then the insulation ability of the construction material might be the number one consideration. If you plan to only live in San Felipe during the pleasant months then price could be a bigger factor.

Tri-D ArchTri-D Panel and the other “foam” products have the highest insulation factors for the various building materials followed by cement block and then ladrillo. The exact insulation with any one product depends upon how it is used, the thickness of the material, and the type of roofing installed on the house. I and my contractor will discuss the various building material choices and help you determine what is best for your particular project.

Construction costs for the living spaces using the different materials (based on using standard quality for tile, cabinets, appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, lights, fans, etc.) are approximately:

Tri-D Panel – Between $92 and $112 per square foot depending on the amenities included and the number of non-standard quality items incorporated into the design.

Cement Block – Between $82 and $95, again depending on the amenities and non-standard items included.

Construction costs for garages, patios, patio overhangs, outside stairs (depending on the size and type of materials employed) may be less contingent on the type of building material chosen. 

Generally, septic tanks, stairways, and fireplaces are included within the bid but a Gray water system as well as a few other detailed items may be separately priced. Your completed bid includes everything and your contract clearly spells out each expectation. 

It is indeed possible for you to obtain a lower bid than what I might provide. It is also quite possible a lower bid will give you a home of less than desirable quality. All contractors in San Felipe pay the same prices for material, labor and social security (assuming they pay it) and so the only way they can build for significantly less is to cut corners in construction. In San Felipe construction, you get what you pay for; if it is a quality home you are interested in having, we may not be the best, but we are certainly one of the three best in the area. 

Carlos and I have years of building experience using the Tri-D Panel and cement block materials.  If you live where there is electricity and/or choose to use air conditioning daily, these may be of interest to you. 

Our preferred method of construction is with Tri-D Panel for two reasons; first, I am an authorized distributor and I provide it to my clients at my cost, and, second, because it offers the following benefits: 

Fast\High Quality Construction - High quality construction is obtained in half the time of other construction techniques.

Strength\Durability\Greater Structural Integrity - Virtually a maintenance-free wall system that saves on the long term repair/replacement cost of the structure. Neither the polystyrene panel nor the concrete will decay.

Safety\Security - Excellent performance in seismic zones (Earthquake Resistance). Non-combustible structure with excellent high wind protection-up to 225mph. It is insect, termite, rodent, mold, mildew, and fungi resistant.

Pro Environment\Energy Efficient - Structure durability offers value for generations and saves many Earth resources. Dramatically reduces consumption of fossil fuels by reducing the size and cost of HVAC systems. Save 50 to 80% of utility costs on heating and cooling the structure.

Quality\Comfort\Design Flexibility - Virtually eliminates outdoor noises and reduces drafts and wide temperature fluctuations.

Look at or the links page for web sites that can provide you with additional information on the various building materials.

I and my contractor are ready to give you advice and assistance in selecting your building method and, whatever your choice, we are ready to build the home of your dreams.