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What You Do
What I Do
You advise me of any items that, at this time, you know you will provide (light fixtures, appliances, sinks, fans, etc) for incorporation into the house. You also indicate if there is a specific level of quality in the items you prefer to use in the house.
My preferred contractor prepares a bid for the construction of your home. The bid will have "standard" costs for all items that you have not indicated you will provide. What we consider an 'upgrade' will be discussed.
You wait patiently for me to present the bid to you.
I work with the contractor to ensure that the bid is fair and reasonable. If the cost should exceed your cost objectives I will work with you and the contractor to get the bid within your cost objectives if at all possible. I do not quote a low price and then ask for additional dollars later in order to finish the project.
You review the bid with me.
I review the bid with you and make changes as mutually agreed. This process continues until a final cost is agreed upon.
You agree on a final bid.
I prepare a contract which identifies the responsibilities and actions of all parties, the contractor, you and I. The contract provides for progress payments and inspections by the owner. The contract is a three way commitment providing for all parties to work together for the success of the project.

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