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Congratulations!!! ~ you are the proud owner of property in the San Felipe area and you're ready to begin the construction of your dream home or project. It's all new, it's all mysterious and it's all part of living your Mexican adventure.

Do you wish to work with a company that ~

  • understands the American building standards
  • knows what Americans expect
  • has mastered the art of construction in Mexico

Consider using the services of Sweitzer Construction Management - the premier construction management company in San Felipe, chosen Best Homebuilder for 2007 and 2008 by Mexico Living Magazine's Readers' Choice surveys.

Building a home anywhere can be a challenge but construction in a foreign country where the language is unfamiliar and where cultural differences are often magnified by unusual rules and regulations, can be even more of a challenge!  Selecting a contractor is a particularly tedious task when the definition of a contractor is very different here than in most other countries.

In Mexico there are no building inspections per se. When a Mexican architect has signed your plan, under the law the architect is responsible to ensure that electricity, plumbing, foundation, and other aspects of your home are built properly. The choice of your contractor and the careful management of your project are imperatives that are rarely considered during the construction process. At Sweitzer Construction Management, we strive for customer satisfaction and guarantee our workmanship.

Selecting a contractor and/or consultant with a consistent reputation for building quality homes is the key element. To find such a contractor, you need to carefully check the references provided and verify this through other sources in the community. Without investing sufficient time and effort in doing this, you may be less than pleased with your selection when your finished product is ready for inspection.

Please browse my website and learn more about building a home in Mexico. On the Services page, you'll find links to the various stages of the building process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or phone. I'll be happy to clarify anything that has inadvertently set you to scratching your head.